introduction. . .

Hi!! My name is BUGZ and I'm the most recent split in our system lol!! I'm one of the co-hosts, as I'm a part of our subsystem called The Bugs [whic is all splits of the same alter, which yes, I am a split of him too!]. The Bugs are always cohosts, regardless of which on it is, or if it's multiple that switch between ourself. I split off of the collective identity we have, meaning I completely align with the body itself [which is weird, bc Im the first alter who feels like this with the body]. My identity was the identity we all agreed upon but ,,, lol here i am now!!


name: BUGZ

prns: they/he/she

age: 21 y/o

gender: transmasc, bigender

orient.: omni oriented demiAroAce

emoji sign off: 🐛

alter image by @/chemicataclysm on tumblr