introduction. . .

Hi hi! I'm the guy who started it all, way back in 2021 [i was the one who got us diagnosed with DID]. I'm the host of a subsystem of 10, all of which are different versions of me througouht our life. I used to be the sole host for a while, but I dipped from being main host around 2022. These days you can find me watching horror youtube videos. Huge fan of FNAF, and have been since my,,, spawn date? There's technically another version of me that goes back to 13 y/o, but she's so seperate that we didn't include her in the age slider age... Regardless, Thats me!


name: Bug

prns: they/he

age: 17 y/o - 21 y/o

gender: transmasc bigender

orient.: demiAroAce

emoji sign off: 🐛

alter image by @/baby_carrot_art on instagram