introduction. . .

Hello. Much like The Ceo and Priest, I, too, am a gatekeeper- The third of the quartet, of which is left incomplete. One of us wishes to remain anonomyous because of his introject source, but this is your note that he will post. My name, however, is Daimon. Prior to the CEO and Priest's arrival, I was the head gatekeeper. I remain the head gatekeeper of our main subsystem, called The Apartment Complex. I am nonhuman, ageless, and 'immortal' [not in the literal sense]. I have a fondness for black coffee, The House of Leaves and similar psychological horrors, and Ghost [the band].


name: Daimon

prns: he/him

age: ageless, immortal

gender: aneim / cusper man

orient.: uranic demisexual

emoji sign off:

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