introduction. . .

Hi. I'm one of the cohosts for the crew and co, and I am the main protector, though I have some misguided anger issues about it all. I'm kind of a dick, self proclaimed and told by others, but my system loves me, and that's all that matters to me. I'm one of the alters that varies from the body wildly, and I'm also one with psychobiological differences that are obvious [being that I have one eye missing, and it causes our vision in that eye to worsen]. I always think that's pretty sick tbh. But yea, thats mee. Woohoo


name: Dude

prns: he/him

age: 23 y/o

gender: cusperman

orient.: greyAroAce

emoji sign off: 💣

alter image by @/baby_carrot_art on instagram