introduction. . .

Hello Hello! I'm Noah and I am the main coding guy here :] I love all things HTML and CSS, and while, yes, I'm still reliant on templates, I hope to develop my skills so I can be a professional coder! It's actually something we were going to do before, but dropped out of lol..... NOT MY CHOICE, Anyways- Just like everyone else in this system, I'm a horror lover! Love all things spooky~ I'm trying to help Ronnie with her horror project, but it's been!!! hard LMAO.... ANYWAYS, yea, thats me!!


name: Noah

prns: he/she

age: 21 y/o

gender: transmasc, boygirl

orient.: omni demiAroAce, polyam

emoji sign off: 📓

alter image by @/baby_carrot_art on instagram