introduction. . .

Hello Hello! My name is Pierre, and I'm one of the former co-hosts, as well as a current mood booster [emotional protector]. The rest of the system has deemed me as one of ''The Favorites'', but I don't believe in having favorites in a system like that. It seems kind of crummy to me, but it's kind of like an inside joke of sorts.. ANYWAYS! I like bunnies and the color pink, and I formerly used to act a lot more like pip, but I've kind of 'grown up' a bit, so to speak [no offense to him obvs]. I'm an OCject [oc introject] of Bug's oc Pierre, but I'm very detatched from my source.. HOWEVER, another version of me exists who is VERY attatched to his source, but I don't think he will post... But ye! That's me, and I hope to post a lot :3


name: Pierre

prns: he/him

age: 20 y/o

gender: FTM

orient.: panromantic asexual

emoji sign off: 🐰

alter image by @/chemicataclysm on tumblr