introduction. . .

Hi :3c I'm Pip!!! I was the host for a whole month before I vanished for a bit,,, but now I'm back, and chaotic as ever >:3c I love all things pastel and rainbow, and have a special interest in the shared OCverse we have in our system. Speaking of, I'm actually the fusion of a shard of an OCject [oc introject] and a fragment of Bug! I'm a fusion of the two, but I exist in The Bugz subsystem. I like to draw a ton!! Especially the coloring part lol... Yeah! Me :3


name: Pip

prns: he/they

age: 19 y/o

gender: transmasc

orient.: panromantic demisexual

emoji sign off: 🐶 🌈

alter image by @/baby_carrot_art on instagram