introduction. . .

Hello~ I'm The CEO and I'm the head of this system :) I am the primary gatekeeper out of the 4 or so we have [hence why I am The CEO]. I help with the votes and such, and I never really talk as myself since, well, I'm a mimic of sorts. I am, perhaps, one of the oldest system members, also being a part of the sidesystem :) I used to be a real dickhead until I switched sides. So I took the role as the head of the system to replace my prior job, and so far, life has been a great thing to experience in the way we do. Happy to be here, and even happier to make sure no one makes any big mistakes.


name: n/a

prns: he/xe/it

age: Ageless

gender: fuck gender :)

orient.: AroAce

emoji sign off: 👁️‍🗨️

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